Beauty treatments that help you shine in Blockhouse Bay

Welcome to the top beauty treatments business in Blockhouse Bay! Our team of dedicated beauty experts are ready to show you results that are guaranteed to exceed all expectations. From threading and waxing, to facials and perms, you are sure to find exactly what you need at our salon.

Massage therapy

Ease tired muscles and revive your senses with our professional massage services. Choose from the following options:
Head 15 mins
Foot Massage 15 mins
Foot Massage 30 mins
Neck, Shoulders, Back 30 mins
Swedish Massage 60 mins
Hot Stone Massage 60 mins
Aromatherapy Massage 60 mins


Our luxurious facials make your skin feel alive and ready for the day. Our therapists can recommend which type of facial will suit your skin.
1/2 hour facial:
1 hour facial:

Hair removal

We aim to do hair removal as pain free, thorough and quick as possible. We have choices of waxing or threading & have numbing cream upon request. Our rooms are clean and bright and we ensure all equipment is sterilized and used only once.
Our prices for waxing and threading services are:

Upper lip:
Full face from
Half arm:
Full arm:

As well as targeting the facial and arm areas, our other hair removal services include:

Full leg:
Back from
Bikini line:
Extended bikini:
Brazilian re-book after 4 weeks:

Eyebrows and lashes

Brow and lash tinting, perming and shaping are done with ease. Our beauticians are fully trained and qualified.
Prices include:
Eyelash tint
Eyelash perm and tint:
Eyebrow tint
Please note that prices are subject to change.

Our beauty treatments are leading services, which have had all customers talking wonders about what we do and how efficiently we do it. We take all care to perform waxing and hair removal as pain free as possible. We use industry- recognised products to help you get the most of our affordable and professional services.

Our beauty therapists offer luxurious facials to get your skin feeling fresh and alive, ready to take on the day! They can recommend which type of facial will best suit your specific needs.
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